Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lay's Kettle Cooked Cream Cheese & Chive

Brand: Lay's
Style: Kettle Cooked Cream Cheese + Chive
Origin: United States
Type: Chips
Flavor: Unsurprisingly similar to sour cream and onion, but slightly better somehow?

Verdict: Approved

Hi snackies!  Sorry for the radio silence.  I was promoted at my job recently, so I have unfortunately had less time to tell you all about the glorious (and less glorious) snacks that I've been eating lately.  I've got some goodies to tell you about though, it will just be a little bit slow going.

To start things off, here's a quick review of some new Lay's I picked up.  These are from the Kettle Cooked line, which I actually hadn't tried yet, believe it or not!  I tend to stray from anything marked "low fat," because why would I want low fat when I can have high fat, right?  However, the flavor called to me, and I couldn't resist picking one of these up!  What can I say, I'm a sucker for anything creamy and herby!

I wasn't expecting much from these.  I figured they would be dry and have the faintest taste of sour cream and onion, but I was wrong!  Sort of.  They are less greasy than the regular Lay's chips, but in a really good way!  Yes - you heard it here first, folks - I am actually praising the benefits of having a lower fat chip!  What is this world coming to?!

Aside from being less greasy, the texture of the chips was also better than regular Lay's.  I get a bit sad eating them sometimes because the regular chips are so thin and sad.  These, being kettle cooked, were nice and thick and crunchy!  Yeah!  Taste-wise, yes, they were nearly identical to sour cream and onion, but I love sour cream and onion, problems there.  Ironically, sour cream was listed higher in the ingredients than cream cheese, and onions were listed higher than chives.  Go figure.

In conclusion, these were like a super awesome leveled-up version of sour cream and onion.  Yeah!  *insert Mario mushroom noise here*  Highly recommended and good(er than the regular kind) for you!


  1. A bunch of Lays kettle chips cheat at their variety of flavors (for instance, Maui Onion is just the same recipe as the Maui Style chips that Lays bought out years ago, and Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt actually cheats a bit by sticking some sour cream and onion flavoring in there instead of being a strictly garlic affair) but for the most part as long as it's priced the same and I enjoy it going into my mouth I'm not too bothered by it.

    1. Yeah, I have definitely noticed that. I don't mind though, especially because the kettle chips themselves are, in my opinion, SO much better than regular Lay's! Crunch crunch crunch!! :D