Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cheetos Redux: Salsa con Queso

Brand: Frito Lay
Style: Cheetos Salsa con Queso Crunchy
Origin: United States
Type: Cheese snacks
Flavor: Spicy, like cheetos dipped in salsa

Verdict: Approved

Yesterday's Burger King Mac 'n' Cheetos adventure had me craving some real Cheetos goodness, so I decided to meander down the snack aisle and grab myself a little bag.  However, seeing as I am the Snack Master, not just some mere snack apprentice, I couldn't pass up trying out this new flavor I found: Salsa con Queso!

A very, very long time ago, I found some enchilada flavored Cheetos, and I don't really remember what they tasted like, but I feel like these are pretty similar.  When you open the bag, you get a strong cheesy, Cheetos smell, and not too much of the salsa smell.  That made me a little worried that they might not be very salsa-y, but once I tried one, my fears melted away in a wave of spicy...well, not quite bliss, but they are pretty good.  They're not too spicy; I'm not crying over them or reaching for water, but they definitely pack a little punch.  The other main flavor I get is a bit of a vinegar taste, like hot sauce, and some lime aftertaste.

These are definitely good for what they are, although they don't really taste like any salsa con queso I've ever had.  I'm trying to put my finger on why they don't really taste like a good salsa con queso, but I can't quite nail it down.  I think the tomato flavor doesn't quite come through enough, to be honest.  Regardless, I'd still buy them again!  Thank you, Cheetos, for redeeming yourselves after yesterday's blunder.

Also...watch our LIVE video review from Burger King yesterday!!  Mac n Cheetos and Chicken Fries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_eXPYx1aRQ

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