Saturday, June 25, 2016

Good Health Disney Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips

Brand: Good Health
Style: Disney Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips
Origin: United States
Type: Chips
Flavor: Savory, delicious, and only slightly healthy-tasting

Verdict: Approved!

I've mentioned a bit on here that I have some kind of intense food sensitivities.  Because of this, I like to try weird "health food" snacks fairly often, but I feel like most of you snackies out there are probably more interested in reading about the super weird, chemically, non-organic stuff, so I don't write about them too often.  However, today's snack is shaped like Mickey Mouse, so...I figured you could forgive me this time. ;)

I was at Target the other day, wandering aimlessly down the snack aisle, obviously not planning on purchasing anything (*ahem*), when I happened to see a smiling Mickey Mouse on a chip bag.  I might technically be an adult, but I'm perpetually about seven years old on the inside, so I get overly excited about this sort of thing.  I might have really loudly said, "Oh em gee!" and grabbed them off the shelf as fast as my little paws could get on them.  Maybe.

These are your regular "veggie chip" flavors - potato, spinach/green, and tomato/red, but they were actually quite better than most I've had, and not just because they happen to be shaped like one of my favorite cartoons.  That only *slightly* improved the taste.  Of the three flavors, the green ones were my favorite.  The green comes from parsley, green pepper, celery, spinach, and broccoli, and tastes like instant soup, but in the best way possible.  I could eat a giant bowl of just this flavor, seriously!  The red ones were the second best, and are made of tomato, beet, and turmeric.  They taste faintly of tomato soup.  The white ones just taste like potato, like a less greasy and salty Pringle.  Still good, though.

They are a little smaller than I thought they would be from the "enlarged to show detail" photo on the package; they're about the size of a slightly enlarged quarter and two dimes.  The texture is similar to a Pringle, but thinner and crispier.  Very pleasing to eat!  I had to try really hard to stop myself from eating the whole bag all at once and I will definitely be buying these again.  The other bonus is that they actually do have a fair amount of vegetables and vitamins packed into them, so I can feel better about eating them than a bag of Lay's.  Yay for "health food!"

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