Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kettle Thick + Bold Dill Pickle Chips

Brand: Kettle
Style: Thick + Bold Dill Pickle
Origin: United States
Type: Chips
Flavor: Heavy on the dill, definitely a bold pickle flavor

Verdict: Approved

I recently reviewed the Carolina BBQ flavor of these new Thick + Bold Kettle Chips, so today I want to review the other flavor in this line: Dill Pickle.  I am generally a big fan of anything pickle-flavored (aside from Trader Joe's pickle popcorn...*shudder*), so I had to pick up some of these when I saw them.  Plus, look how delicious those pickles look on the package!  I wouldn't call them the thickest or boldest pickles I've ever seen, but...they still look pretty tasty ;)

Pickle-flavored things tend to fall into a couple of categories: dill-heavy, garlic-heavy, salt-heavy, and a happy blend of all three.  These are dill-heavy, garlic-medium, with the aftertaste definitely being strongly of dill and not much else.  Aside from bad pickle jokes, I don't have a lot to say about these, so this is going to be a pretty short review!  They're good, I'd eat them again, but I wouldn't drive across town for some.  Mostly, they leave me wanting to eat actual pickles, not more of these chips.

Purchased at Fred Meyer in Portland, OR 

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