Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pringles: Extreme Screamin' Dill Pickle

Brand: Pringles
Style: Extreme Screamin' Dill Pickle
Origin: USA
Type: Potato Chips
Flavor: Salty, pickle-y, like eating chips dipped in the juice from the pickle jar
Verdict: Approved, but these might not be for everyone...

Pickle-flavored chips are something I'm always skeptical about, even though I'll eat dill-flavored chips with no qualms. I suppose it's something about the 'extreme' pickles on the can of these Pringles that makes me a little weary? Or perhaps just the thought of trying to cram the complex flavor of one of my favorite condiments into a chip is what I find bothersome. I'm not quite sure, but either way, I'd been avoiding buying these guys for awhile.

However, seeing as I've tried nearly every other flavor of Pringles on the market, it was inevitable; the divine force of fate would see that the screaming pickles and I would someday meet. (I think that would be an awesome band name, BTW. If you want it, it's yours!) I saw the can sitting on the shelf at the drugstore, and before I could tell it to stay back, it had leaped into my hand!

I'm glad it did, though, because these are actually pretty delish! Sure, the MSG is starting to give me a rash even though I've only had about 10 crisps, but the aftertaste of pure pickle on my tongue is still making my taste buds tingle with delight. These do taste, like the name implies, pickles. I'm not exactly sure where the 'extreme screamin'' part comes in, they taste just like every other pickle chip I've had, except possibly a little better (hello, MSG!), but I'm willing to deal with the inexplicable name for the great taste.

Purchase: Rite-Aid, Portland, OR

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