Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arrico: Barbecue Bliss Cassava Chips

Brand: Arrico
Style: Barbecue Bliss Cassava Chips
Origin: USA (by way of Indonesia)
Type: Cassava chips
Flavor: Solid, mild barbecue flavor
Verdict: Approved

There's nothing I love more than being in the tropics, except eating the food of the tropics. Although I'd prefer to be munching on these cassava chips while lounging on a beach or a mountainside in Costa Rica, I'm thankful I can eat them at my desk and close my eyes, pretending the never-ending drone of my coworkers is some sort of very talkative ocean, and that the refrigerated blast of air from the vent over me is actually a soothing, steady sea breeze. Pura vida, verdad? Oh, sorry, I was so caught up in my fantasy, I started speaking Spanish!

For those of you whose palettes have yet to be expanded into the tropical treat that is cassava, it's basically the root of a plant that looks like a small tree. The texture is akin to a starchy potato, only somehow better. It's also known as yuca (not to be confused with yucca, totally different species) and it's what tapioca is made of.

These chips are thinly sliced and have a delicate crunch to them. It's difficult to describe, but more something that simply needs to be felt against one's tongue. The barbecue flavoring is a little sparse, but tasty. It's mild and sweet, my favorite kind. All in all, these get a thumbs up from the Snackmaster!

Purchased: Grocery Outlet, Portland, OR

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