Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Haagen-Dasz Tiramisu Gelato

Brand: Häagen-Dasz
Style: Tiramisu Gelato
Origin: United States
Type: Ice Cream
Flavor: Coffee ice cream with chocolate ladyfinger pieces

Verdict: Approved, barely

SO...sugar is one of those things that I still can't have a lot of, but every once in awhile, I just want some damn sugar, so the other day I bought myself one of those teeny-tiny one-serving Häagen-Dasz gelatos.  One serving for most people is about five for me when it comes to sweets, which I still haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I suppose it makes me a cheap date, so there's that.  

One type of dessert that I absolutely LOVE and miss terribly is tiramisu, so what better substitute than TIRAMISU GELATO?!?! RIGHT?!?!  I was hoping so, but unfortunately, this is not quite exactly what I remember tiramisu tasting like.  It might just be that I really love the flavor of rum when it comes to tiramisu, but some of the best I've had left me feeling a little buzzed.  That rum flavor is slightly present, but the gelato part really tastes more like a slightly caramelized coffee cream flavor rather than a full-on tiramisu taste.  The ladyfingers are chocolate rather than the traditional vanilla flavor, and it does add a different dimension to this.  Eating one of the chunks alone kind of tastes like eating a soggy piece of Hostess Cupcake off the floor of a convenience store, but somehow eating it with the gelato pulls it all together.  It adds a nice, sugary finish to the flavor, with only a small note of gas station floor.  You can't win them all!

Overall, I probably wouldn't waste my precious sugar resources on this again.  It generally just reminded me of what I can't have (real tiramisu) and made me kind of sad.  I would much rather have one of their more simple flavors, like strawberry, that are actually delicious, than something like this.  Hesitatingly approved.

Purchased at Fred Meyer in Portland, OR 

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