Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bachman: Jax Cheese Curls

Brand: Bachman
Style: Jax Cheese Curls
Origin: USA
Type: Cheese snacks
Flavor: Not quite cheesy enough
Verdict: On the fence

I've heard many tales about Jax cheese curls from my pals on the east coast. Finally, upon finding out that I'd never tried these before, a buddy of mine in Pittsburgh sent me a bag, along with a whole truckload of other snacks that will be reviewed on here as I eat them. I'm going to weigh approximately 1700 pounds by the time I get through all of this, but it will be a delicious 1700 pounds, I'm sure!

Now if I were walking the aisle of a grocery store and spotted these, I might not necessarily be drawn to them because they look like every other generic bag of cheese curls, but they claim to be slow baked for a great taste, and that's pretty darn appealing. I was under the impression that cheese curls grew on plants naturally, so the image of them being baked in a firey oven such as the picture suggests was rather shocking to me.

Upon opening the bag, I was hit with the horrendous smell of feet, but that's pretty normal for cheese snacks. I grabbed a couple and popped them in my mouth, hoping to be wowed with their slow-baked goodness, but I was pretty underwhelmed. The taste is about 70% corn, 30% cheese, and I really prefer a 50/50. One cool thing about them though, is that they are all different shapes. Some are a short curl and some are so long they're almost a spiral, giving them almost a 'homemade' feel.

There's not much else to say about these guys. Cheetos are better. Sorry, Jax.

Purchased: Pittsburgh, PA

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  1. Youv got to be kiddin me about this blog, you shouldnt even be able to have a blog bout snacks if you honestly think for one second that Cheetos could even be grouped with Cheese Curls, your insane. There is just no comparision.
    And Jax by far are the best Cheese Curls anyone will ever eat if they are futunate enough to have someone shipped them a bag.. They can melt in your mouth, or crunch if thats what your looking for. Their cheese content must be looked at in more of a whole experence instead of one curl at a time. Lets me honest, who can eat just one. Some are jam packed with cheesy goodness, while others taste of their rich corn structure. but together after youv eaten the whole bag and are looking for more of these delisious yummies, youll also agree. Number 1 slow baked cheese curls ever... Jax...

    1. You are so right, Jax Cheesy Poofs ROCK!!!!!!

  2. I'm in NJ and I bought these on sale at the grocery store. I found your blog because I wondered if I was the only one who thinks these are the nastiest cheese curls ever. I definitely agree - there isn't enough cheese in the curls. and some of the curls were crunchier than others. there is no consistency in this bad. i guess they're passable for cheese curls if you're on a budget, but I would rank these below even the Wise brand of cheese snacks products. Cheetoh's is the way to go.

  3. These are the BEST cheese curls you can buy. Anyone who says different is an idiot.

  4. These are phenomenal. I miss them dearly when I am out west, but whenever I'm on the east coast I gorge myself with Jax. Nothing else compares...the crunch the savory flavors, the cheeses!!!

  5. Bachman cheese curls in my opinion are the best. However I just bought a bag that taste bad. I checked the date code and it said May 06 2013 so they should have been fine. This is the first time that this has happened and I never had a problem before. The curls tasted rancid and I was very disappointed. Hopefully this is just a bad run and they haven’t changed anything. If they have then I’m done with them.

  6. Have none of you people ever experienced the cheesy-sweet goodness of Utz Cheez Curls??

  7. CVS Gold Brand Cheese Curls are the best ever

  8. Snyders of BERLIN Cheese Curls are the BEST. Hands down melt in your mouth cheesy goodness. Utz are okay, CVS are okay. I haven't tried Bachman, so I can't judge against those.

  9. Jax are the best cheese curls around. I have loved them ever since elementary school. Now that I'm an adult and eat less junk food, I decided to buy these as a once in a while treat, and just enjoyed every single cheesy curl. I found this blog because I wondered if anyone else felt so strongly that Jax are a best ever cheese curl ever to be made.